How do they do that on TV and at table tennis clubs and tournaments?

Hitting those dynamic topspin drives seen when the Pro's play on TV sure looks exciting doesn't it ?

But we're also happy to say it's even more fun to do than it is to watch, 

Dave loops (left above)     & Training  2005 State JR.Champ David.Katz (R) 
12 year old David won the CT.U-14 title at 12 years old after a year of coaching & practice w/ the Newgy

And  it  isn't just some impossible skill for  fanatically dedicated young Swedish
or Chinese pro's who spend every waking hour in intense training !  

It's also a lot more enjoyable form of exercise than you could find at the local health club.
( Local table tennis students include Cardiologists and many other Medical professionals ) 

Want a 'crash' course in modern Table Tennis aimed at curious recreational players including adults?

In a very short time at a very modest cost you can begin to hit pro-style topspin shots with the right instruction and a great modern tool called  the 'newgy'.

We highly recommend convenient and inexpensive personal coaching at either club
 by Dave Strang  with the NEWGY Robot at the Connecticut Club locations..

Of Course it takes practice and some time to become a well rounded and competitive player,
But regardless of you age or previous experience, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much you can learn in a short inexpensive lesson.

The Newgy robot feeds you consistently placed shots in a fun, no-pressure environment. 
And with 25 years experience introducing Hundreds of basement players, of all ages
to topspin table tennis, Dave Strang will explain the key principles and demonstrate and even 
guide you hands-on through correct strokes so you'll begin hitting 'professional' style topspin shots within minutes. 

After producing the official USATT US Open videotapes of World Elite players like Waldner, Gatien and many others, from 1981 to 1992, and writing the USATT feature magazine article covering the historic 1990 US Open, and studying sports sciences in earning a Master of Arts in Sport Administration, Dave discovered key secrets to elite level stroke-making that can be learned and mastered even by 'weekend-warrior' recreational players. 

You don't even have to own a professional style racket - Dave can loan you one now, and guide you to the best value in an ideal first 'serious' racket for an enthusiastic learner. 

Dave is also the Connecticut representative for Newgy and will be happy to show you how to 
set-up and best use this unique tool if you'd like to buy one for your home enjoyment and exercise use.  

Lessons can usually be arranged 'on the spot' during most scheduled club sessions at Fairfield or Middletown without an advance appointment, and you are encouraged to check the club schedules and locations and then show up at your convenience.

If you live a distance from the clubs and therefore need to make special arrangements to confirm a lesson 100%  on a particular day or want to arrange weekly instruction, or would like more information on obtaining a Newgy robot for home use, you can contact Dave by e-mail  at nettadave(removethis) or by phone (pm hours please) at (203)516-2055 (home) or (203) 668-1945 (cell).  

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