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Club Coach/Director 

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WELCOME to the CT.TT A - Bethany (CT.)  TTC  page !  
Bethany TTC - serving CT.TT Players since 2012

  As of June/July 2021 Bethany TT has resumed play on FRIDAY nights until further notice. Please Text Me at (203) 525-6194 to confirm schedule this fall/Winter and/or consult www.RealTableTennis.NET (Homepage) TEXT/CALL 203 525-6l94 
10  to 15+ players - all ages & skill levels - unrated to experts (USATT rated 2200+) 
6 to 8 PRO tables in a large Gym w/ great floor & lighting  
  - no reservation or commitment required - - come alone or bring friends and family
-  low nightly fee- (
$10 per player visit as of Oct 2019) 
just confirm times & follow the directions below
Novice to Champion, Young or Old, Male or Female
ALL are invited to play -just show up - time & site below
  See CT TTA Page for Bethany and Bethany Schedule exceptions or updates       

Above: Coach Dave Strang (green shirt) coaches David Katz - 2006 CT Jr. Champ

Bethany TTC
       in South Central CT   ~near rte 63, between New Haven & Wtrbry) 
  6-8 tables Year-round Play  
Friday:  6:30-10:30 pm  & 
**: **+ 

 * * +sessions often lengthened based on turnout+
at Bethany Town Hall Gym - 40 Peck Rd.
Summer 2021 Schedule FRIDAYs 630p TEXT/CALL 203-525-6l94 for INFO after Sept 1

Do you drive a distance to play ? - Our  current playing schedules can be confirmed by phone
call anytime - 24/7  for regular schedule info by recorded messages. 
 New 'local' numbers - (2O3) 525-6194* (Bethany TTC) or (203) 525-6l94* (BETHANY TTC)
*Calls to these new numbers may forward to CT TTA info line or my cell phone - at no LD charge

Playing sessions canceled (rarely) - based on severe weather (or major holiday) during or shortly before scheduled play - may be rescheduled,  on a day as close to the missed session as possible. Call 
See the News Page Link
top left column on this page for more detailed information) -

Call (2O3) 525-6l94*to confirm the scheduled sessions -  if severe weather threatens safe travel 
 Changes in our club schedule are rare, but should the schedule number be unavailable , and you must confirm there aren't any changes, call or text my cell phone @ (203)525-6l94 PM HOURS ONLY and leave a message & your name & town.
Join us in Bethany -  Year-round Play -   and NEW improved floor and lighting  - players of all ages and skill levels from unrated to 2100+

FF_the guys_4
Long-time Bethany Players
  M. Lazerev, D.F, Rich.Dewitt, 


Cancellations occur occasionally-  
We ARE OPEN during MOST storms & holidays
 DON'T assume we close for every storm or holiday
for info = FF info phone number below
 DON'T assume we close for every storm or holiday
(2O3) 525-6194 to confirm the regular schedule
  Last minute changes in our club schedule are rare, but should the schedule number
be unavailable ,
                               or If severe weather/emergency threatens a cancellation : 
Call (or text) my cell phone at (2O3) 525-6l94 (only) on the scheduled playing day (or if for info NOT available here - e-mail preferred).

**Schedule changes may NOT always be listed HERE 




Bethany TTC
       in South Central CT   ~between New Haven & Waterbury
  8 tables Year-round Play inc some holidays  

 * sessions
often lengthened based on turnout
Connecticut Table Tennis - at Bethany Town Hall Gym 
40 Peck Rd. @

Directions: (Map available below)  
Take CT rte 63 n.from New Haven or S.from Naugatuck to Bethany then west at Peck Rd..
Don't panic if you arrive early - we begin arriving AT the listed starting timeT

Bethany Table Tennis Club in Connecticut is happy to welcome visitors passing through the area during our weekly play sessions  

 Bethany TTC is a recreational service of David Strang dba CT. TT Assoc. - with facilities provided courtesy of Bethany's  Town Hall &  Recreation Dept

all ages welcome - no membership commitments or residency requirements to participate 


    CONFIRM Schedules - '24/7' Phone message: (203)525-6194
For special new player info e-mail me (above) OR confirm our schedule by phone, print the driving directions above & JUST SHOW UP ! (If you drive a distance to play you can confirm our schedule at (2O3) 525-6l94

REMEMBER WE WELCOME ALL AGES and SKILL LEVELS -Male or Female- for play on up to 'Pro' tables in a pro-quality playing space. * Bring your enthusiasm (and $10 -per player per visit ) & we'll supply everything else !
REAL Table Tennis is 'Serious Fun for everyone' (sm):
REAL Table Tennis (sm) is Serious- -It's a fast-paced Olympic sport. But as a health enhancing lifetime sport suitable for nearly everyone from 8-80 years old, it's also great (and inexpensive) FUN. And the fun only increases as you make new friends & improve your skills by playing, watching - or even taking a few lessons if you want. As director of Connecticut Table Tennis since 1993- Bethany (CT) since 1995 and Bethany TTC since Jan 2013 and former Director of the Akron Table Tennis Club (Ohio) from 1978 to 2008;

My goal is to make top quality table tennis facilities, playing opportunities instruction and equipment available to people of all ages, sexes, nationalities etc. so they can enjoy table tennis at the best possible skill level appropriate to their abilities and interests.
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